New Natural Gas Pipeline Crossing under our Creek and Stream on my neighbor’s land

Lots of activity today around here! Our good neighbor Mike sold a Right-of-Way to a Natural Gas Transmission Company for a transmission pipeline, and they had to create a crossing under our Creek and our Stream. First they had to build a temporary wooden bridge over both the creek and the stream for their heavy equipment to cross over. Next they had to put in a 36″ plastic reinforced culvert to divert the creek water flow from a newly built temporary dike, going under the temporary wooden bridge. Two 6″ portable water pumps mounted on trailers were set in place to pump the creek water, from the dike thru the culvert in an effort to keep the ground as dry as possible while they dug the deep trench to bury the iron gas pipe. They also had to place a 3″ pump to transfer the water from the stream just above the temporary dike in the stream. They dug the trench and buried the pipe. Lots of photos depicting the huge effort to complete this phase today. Hope you enjoy!



4 thoughts on “New Natural Gas Pipeline Crossing under our Creek and Stream on my neighbor’s land

  1. Hi Bill. Interesting pictures. Thanks for posting. Hey you said once that one of the benefits of living in W. VA. is that you get free natural gas. Does that apply to everyone that lives in W. VA. or just to landowners? Keep in touch. Steve P.

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