Not an April Fools Joke!

By Bill…. Yes we know it April 1st, but rest assured, this blog entry is no joke! This is our first attempt to blog about our new adventure and the beginning our Creekside Cabin Farm here in the Wild and Wonderful hills of West Virginia. Newly retired and full of life, we decided to relocate from Las Vegas, Nevada, and begin our retirement farm. We arrived here in Center Point on January 19, 2012 without raising a ruckus! The crisp fresh air coupled with the sounds of the babbling creek in front of the cabin and joined by the stream running into it from the hills in the back, reassured us both that we had indeed made the right choice! We will come from behind to bring you up to date with most of the important happenings since our arrival. This should prove to be a great challenge for me as I have just now decided to become a serious blogger. Yes, it is true, I am a WANNABE Farmer and with God’s blessing and the help of our new neighbors and friends, I just might be able to live up to the title! So much to blog about and too little time. Paula and I hope you find our ramblings humorous, interesting, and informative as we grow into the wonderful realm of farming. More later…. NO… REALLY….  I promise……


1 thought on “Not an April Fools Joke!

  1. So happy for both of you, enjoyed the blog. I will definately pray for you , Paula, and of course the farm. Hopefully when all the crop is planted, and coming up I can hopefully pay a visit , and have some nice fresh grown meals. Keep us posted, and pay attention to all the farming rules, I am sure they will come natural to you. Love as always. Dolly

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