Whew!!!!! Taxes are DONE!!!!

By Bill…    Wednesday, April 11 – The Infernal Revenue Service has been FED (Pun intended!) again, so it might exist for yet another year. As long as our Military Service People are taken care of around the world, I can at least feel like some of our hard-earned income goes to serve those that serve us…  Just Sayin…..

By Bill…    Saturday, April 7 – With the help of our Neighbors, Friends, and Mentors, Sonny and Linda Jobe, daughter-in-law Clarissa and grandson “Duke”, we began to create our first West Virginia garden by planting Kennebec potatoes, along with Red and Yellow onion sets.

Sonny and Clarissa “The Teachers” Sonny and Clarissa 

Paula and Farmer Bill “The Students”

Linda and Duke in the shade              

Potatoes in the groove                       

Still have more to plant and weather permitting will finish in several days.

Pray for us, our friends, and our garden!


3 thoughts on “Whew!!!!! Taxes are DONE!!!!

  1. Hi Bill and Paula! Glad to see you have your blog up and running! Its off to a great start. Glad Duke and I were able to help out in the garden. Hope to see you all again real soon! Happy Gardening and God Bless! Hugs!

  2. Can’t wait to see my favorite sister-in law.only 15more days….love to all,buddy and charlie

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