Additional Tragedy

April 19, 2012

Posted by Bill

The temporary repairs made last night did not hold and sadly we lost more of our Guineas. We only have two remaining, and one looks so poor I don’t believe it will survive. The active Guinea is the one that was rescued from the creek by our Auggie earlier last night. He had placed the bird on our front lawn and was headed back to the creek. The Bird had been roughed up a bit, soaking wet, and offered no fight when I picked it up.

My wife Paula believes Auggie is the primary suspect, but, it just doesn’t make sense to me that he would harm or kill several birds, and then rescue one. She thinks I’m just a softy and trying to protect him. The access hole appears to be much smaller than a 71lb dog, and he did not mess with Sonny & Linda’s chickens and guineas when we took him for a visit to their farm. As far as I am concerned, the jury is still out!

Proper repairs were made on the cage/holding area today, with boards screwed into the bottom of the wooden chicken wire support posts below ground level. The chicken wire was then sandwiched between these added boards and additional new boards screwed in securing the wire in place. I’m embarrassed for not thinking in more detail about how to create the cage and also for not taking the time to fabricate the holding area in a more secure fashion.

Not much of a consolation, but I have been told “Stuff happens on a farm”.


1 thought on “Additional Tragedy

  1. Are there hawks or eagles in the area? Maybe they did it. Love the pictures!! 🙂 Missing Y’all! xoxx

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