April 18, 2012

Posted by Bill

We lost 7 of our new Guineas to a predator last night. We will omit posting the photos of the carnage.  Yesterday, our good friends Sonny and Linda from The Pothole Farm ( generously assisted us with the creation of the temporary holding area for the Guineas in our Pole Barn. We had strung chicken wire and constructed a roost for them to bed down for the night.

Paula and I (The Newbies) were mostly concerned with keeping the Guineas in the pen so they wouldn’t take off into the wild and disappear, and gave little thought to keeping varmint out. Our newest family member “Auggie Doggie” became the prime suspect since he is a 4-year-old “Bird Dog, Retriever, and Hound” mix.

Prime Suspect

Temporary repairs were made as it was after dark when the Great Guinea Raid was discovered. I will make better repairs tomorrow.


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